Our managing director Otto Knebel is a true institution when it comes to the free entrepreneurial spirit. Through many years of being an independent businessman he has long earned sustainable competencies in managing a company.

His daughter Cornelia Knebel followed into his footsteps and will ensure the company’s succession. She has been working together with her father since he founded the company. In 2013 Maximilian de Witte and Christine Ullrich, the third generation of the Knebel family, joined the team.

Our skilled personnel take care of our used textile containers on a weekly basis to collect the content and make sure that the waste collection points are kept clean.

After the collection vehicles arrive at our facility, a team of six staff members sorts the content. Used textiles, shoes, bed feathers and residual waste thrown into the containers by mistake are separated.

Our company’s whole team works hand in hand as colleagues ensuring that we meet the demands of our customers and cooperation partners.