Service for cities and communities

As a competent service provider for textile recycling we offer a textile container full-service for collecting used textiles and shoes to cities and communities. Since 2013 we are a certified waste management company and abide by the regulations of the German recycling management and waste law.

We provide the collecting containers, execute the weekly emptying, take care of the cleaning of the location and take on the costs for labeling and paintwork.

Part of the proceeds from the textile collections are invested in charity organizations and clubs. These earnings play an important role as a source of income for those organizations and support their non-profit work.

Our community partners:

  • City Bad Liebenstein
  • City Olpe
  • City Creuzburg
  • Community Dorndorf
  • Community Großenlüder
  • Community Niederaula
  • Community Vöhl

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Fax: +49 (0) 27 22 - 63 90 33

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