Charity shops

Nationwide many charity shops provide millions of people with access to clothing and shoes in good repair as well as other goods for the basic needs. They help people in need and difficult social circumstances in an easy and fast way. Used and clean clothes are handed out free of charge or for a small donation, often without the people having to verify their status.

However, even at charity shops there are some goods that cannot be handed on or are no longer of use. That’s when we jump in and collect excess textiles at the shops. Of course, the organizations receive a sum of money for the collected goods. We pay 0.20 Euros per kilogram of used goods.

We pick up:

  • Used clothes
  • Shoes
  • Bed and table linen
  • drapes
  • duvets
  • feather pillows
  • woolen blankets
  • wool
  • bags
  • stuffed animals

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