What does it mean for you?

Based on the EU regulation No 1013/2006, since February 24, 2012 we need to comply to the

Act for Reorganising the Law on Closed Cycle Management and Waste (Kreislaufwirtschaftsgesetz – KrWG).

According to §1 the purpose of this law is to “to promote circular economy in order to conserve natural resources and to ensure the protection of human health and the environment in the generation and  management of waste”.

Waste, in the sense of the law, shall mean all substances or objects which the holder discards, or intends or is required to discard. Waste for recovery shall be deemed waste that is recovered; waste that is not recovered shall be deemed waste for disposal.

Used textiles and used shoes are waste for recovery, since they are recovered in order to be reintroduced to the cycle.

This law has motivated us to become a certified waste management company according to §56 of the KrWG in 2013.

The certification process demanded the implementation of high requirements that we met to 100 % at the first audit on November 4, 2013. As a result we are now a certified waste management company.

Our company strictly adheres to the Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act and its regulations.

Once a year we are audited by the technical monitoring organization to ensure that all processes are executed according to the standards and regulations.

By establishing these conditions everybody who donates clothes to us or throws them into one of our containers can be sure that the textiles are treated and disposed of accordingly.