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Good for the environment

Good for the environment

Our textile recycling saves resources and thus provides a valuable contribution to the protection of our environment.
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Gut für Soziales

Good for the society

We regularly give donations and support charitable causes, because we and our children benefit from a better world.
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We support your club

Good for clubs

Set up a container on your club premises and earn extra money for your club.
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Good for everybody

Good for everybody

and make sure that they are reintroduced to the economic cycle. In more than 700 used textile containers we collect shoes and used textiles. Look for our containers. Textile recycling provides new jobs and secures existing ones all over the world.
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Textile recycling – for our environment

Whether it is mineral oil or energy – our resources are shrinking. Producing textiles requires both. While collecting recovered paper and reintroducing it to the economic cycle has been common for decades, this has not been the case for used textiles. Yet, with every piece of clothes that we throw into bins for residual waste we literally waste valuable resources.

Knebel Textilrecycling has made it its mission to collect and prepare used textiles in order to reintroduce them to the textile cycle. For our environment and the future generations!

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  • Donating to the AWO Kreisverband

    Donating to the AWO Kreisverband Siegen-Wittgenstein/Olpe

    27. January 2016

    Donation from Knebel Textilrecycling...
    ... since the beginning of the year, Knebel Textil Recycling provides the AWO with textile banks. Now our company decided to do even more und presented the AWO with a donation of 1,000€. Knebel Textil Recycling successfully supports the AWO with collections, but also by closely cooperating with the workshops in Siegen, where people with special needs maintain, service and label textile banks. Otto Knebel and Maximilian de Witte hand over the donation to  AWO Managing Director Dr. Andreas Neumann.

  • New charitable partner: Arbeiterwohlfahrt Kreisverband Siegen-Wittgenstein/Olpe

    27. January 2016

    Since January 2015 we cooperate with the Arbeiterwohlfahrt Kreisverband Siegen-Wittgenstein/Olpe (regional chapter of a national workers' welfare association). We are looking forward to a good and long-lasting cooperation!

  • Our new website is online!


    27. January 2016

    Our new website is online!

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